Details of the co-chairs of the Moscow Academic Economic Forum

Details of the co-chairs of the Moscow Academic Economic Forum

Sergey Bodrunov — President of the Free Economic Society (VEO) of Russia, President of the International Union of Economists (IUE), Director of the Witte Institute of New Industrial Development, expert at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary Doctor at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Sergey Bodrunov was born on August 25, 1958 in Brilevo, Gomel District, Gomel Region, in the present day Belarus. In 1980, he graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at Skorina University of Gomel in Belarus with a major in teaching of mathematics and applied mathematics in IT.

After graduation, he worked as a software engineer, then researcher at Gomel State University, director at the Gomel Research and Development Information Center, and director at the Belarusian Republican Agency for Research and Development Information. Over 10 years, he led Aerospace Equipment Corporation JSC.

From 2009 to 2012, Sergey Bodrunov held positions in the Government of St. Petersburg (member of the Government, Chair of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy, and Trade, Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg on Economics and Industrial Policy).

Since April 2011, he has been one of the founders and head of the Witte Institute of New Industrial Development (INIR).

Since 2016 — President of the Russian NGO Free Economic Society of Russia.

Since 2018 — President of the International Union of Economists (IUE).

Sergey Bodrunov is a prominent expert in economics, a leading researcher and one of the authors of a reindustrialization strategy for the Russian economy, the author of the concept of new industrial society of the 2nd generation and nooindustrial development — noonomy.

He has been a frequent presenter at all major scientific economic forums over the past 10 years and has taken part in more than 100 Russian and international scientific conferences on economics (in Russia, Belarus, Italy, Switzerland, China, Germany, India, Great Britain, Belgium, etc.); he has presented more than 250 reports, many of which were published in scientific journals. Author of more than 600 scientific publications, including 30 monographs.

His central publications are devoted to theoretical research in industrial economic development, the function of information technology in the implementation of economic policy, research, theoretical and practical development of conceptual platforms for the development of hi-tech industries, research into the economy's innovative and investment aspects, labor intellectualization of labor in the economy of the future.

Sergey Bodrunov is active in business.
Krasnikov Gennady Yakovlevich is the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), RAS Academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, and Professor.

He was born in Tambov on 30 April 1958.

In 1981, Gennady graduated with honours from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET), Physics and Technology Faculty. In the same year, he began working at the Molecular Electronics Research Institute (MERI) with the Mikron pilot plant. At the end of his postgraduate studies at MIET in 1990, he successfully defended his PhD thesis.

After successively holding various positions (engineer, lead engineer, head of the unit, workshop manager, deputy chief engineer, deputy general director), Gennady was appointed director of the Molecular Electronics Research Institute with the Mikron pilot plant at the beginning of August 1991. In December of the same year, he was elected director by a majority vote of the entire workforce (about 7,000 people) in alternative elections.

In March 1992, the Minister of Industry of the Russian Government confirmed by order the appointment of G. Ya. Krasnikov as the director of the enterprise. In 1994, by the Russian Government Decree, G. Ya. Krasnikov was appointed CEO of Molecular Electronics Research Institute and Mikron Plant, an Open Joint-Stock Company (later MERI and Mikron JSC) and held this position until 2016.

In 1996, G. Ya. Krasnikov defended his doctoral thesis, and in 1997 he was elected Corresponding Member to the RAS Department of Informatics, Computer Engineering and Automation (computer technology and element base). In 2008, G. Ya. Krasnikov was elected Academician to the RAS Department of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies (micro- and nanoelectronics). In 2017, G. Ya. Krasnikov was elected a member of the RAS Presidium. In 2021, G. Ya. Krasnikov was elected a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Since 2016, G. Ya. Krasnikov has been holding the position of CEO of MERI JSC and Board Chair of RIPM JSC (Research Institute of Precision Mechanics).

In 2016, by the decision of the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin, Academician G. Ya. Krasnikov was empowered to head the priority technological area for electronic technologies.

On 20 September 2022, G. Ya. Krasnikov, RAS Academician, was elected President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

G. Ya. Krasnikov is a prominent scientist with a worldwide reputation in the field of physics of semiconductors, dielectrics and heterostructures based on them, technologies for creating very large-scale integrated circuits (VLSI) and ensuring high-quality development and industrial production. Academician Krasnikov created the scientific and technological foundations for the formation of semiconductor structures with controlled and stable electrophysical parameters along the entire technological route for the manufacture of integrated circuits.

He is the author of more than 400 scientific papers published in domestic and foreign peer-reviewed journals, the author of four scientific monographs and more than 40 copyright certificates and patents.