MAEF in the media
Moscow Academic Economic Forum in the media
The progress and results of the Forum were covered by federal and regional media. Main (by citations) publications in the media:
Final materials of the Forum include analysis of the global transformations of contemporary society, expert opinions and suggestions on ways to implement the national development goals of Russia, the results of the plenary sessions, Forum conferences, and the MAEF regional venues.

The Forum materials will be made available on the websites of the MAEF and its organizers — the VEO of Russia, RAS, and IUE, and also sent to government bodies.
MAEF 2020 coverage in the media
Moscow Academic Economic Forum, which took place on May 14-31, 2020, received extensive coverage in the Russian federal and regional media.
Most cited publications covering the MAEF-2020 in the media
MAEF-2020 was also covered by the magazine Profile, websites Business Online, Petersburgsky dnevnik, Finanz, news agencies Regnum, Prime, Krasnaya Vesna, Novy Den, and other media.