MAEF in the media
Moscow Academic Economic Forum in the media
MAEF 2019 coverage in the media
Moscow Academic Economic Forum, which took place on May 15-16, 2019 in Moscow, as well as at 28 regional venues across Russia, received extensive coverage in the Russian federal and regional media. According to the monitoring of media activity, 340 news reports were published (on TV, in print, on the web), the Forum and its results were discussed in social media by an audience with a total reach of 5,673,234 subscribers.

340 news reports were published on TV, in print, and on the web.
MAEF in social media
- MAEF account on Facebook Audience reach of the publications between 01.03.19 and 28.05.19 was 10,546 visitors.

- MAEF account on Vkontakte Audience reach of the publications between 01.03.19 and 28.05.19 was 5,662,688 visitors.

The total audience reach was 5,673,234.
Scientific News Agency Poisk
Scientific News Agency Poisk
Scientific Russia Portal
Scientific Russia Portal
RIA News
The MAEF was also covered by: Tsargrad TV, Financial One, Business Online, CBSmedia News, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Business Information Agency - The Federal News Agency, and other mass media.
The opening of the MAEF was covered in the Economics supplement to the Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Federal Issue of 15.05.19). In the RG, the President of the RAS and Co-Chair of the MAEF Alexander Sergeyev drew attention to the three most important aspects of the 1st MAEF, its focus and important role. The Economics supplement also published an interview was published with the Co-Chair of the MAEF, President of the Free Economic Society of Russia and the International Union of Economists Sergey Bodrunov, analysis pieces by Academician of the RAS, Head of the Economic Theory and Policy Departmnr at RANEPA Abel Aganbegyan, Deputy Head of the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksei Kuznetsov, Board Member of the VEO of Russia, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Ivanov, Vice President of the VEO of Russia, Rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Viktor Grishin, Vice President of the VEO of Russia, Rector of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Eskindarov, Vice President of the VEO of Russia, Academic Director at the Publishing House Ekonomicheskaya gazeta Yuri Yakutin, Board Member of the VEO of Russia, Deputy Chair (Chief Economist) at Vnesheconombank Andrey Klepach, Vice President of the VEO of Russia, Executive Director of the Witte Institute of New Industrial Development Sergey Alexander Zolotarev, and Vice-President of the VEO of Russia, Director of the Institute of Socioeconomics at the Moscow University of Finance and Law Alexander Buzgalin.

The Rossiyskaya gazeta published a report covering the 1st MAEF. The publication cites the words of Sergey Bodrunov on the interdependence of technological and economic development: "It is obvious that the future economic leaders are leaders in technology. To be able to make an economic breakthrough, we need to transform the very essence of Russia's economy and its structure. There is no time for a long preparation. Scientists should promptly formulate recommendations for a successful transition to a new reality in the context of the ongoing technological revolution."
Professor Sergey Bodrunov spoke about the distinctive features of the 1st MAEF in a news items on Russia 24 TV: "The difference between this Forum and the others is that we are not going to discuss the current economic situation. This is not a a business or entrepreneurial forum. We decided to devote it to the study of the Russian economy and its prospects in the context of the global economy from the point of view of fundamental Russian science. Not only economic science, because today it is very important to listen to the opinions of economists belonging to different schools of thought, and this is what we are going to do here. This is what the platform was built for."

For details about the goals and objectives of the 1st MAEF, see the news report on OTR TV. "There has always been and still is a definite gap between fundamental science and what is being done in the real sector of the economy. And this problem will be given special attention today. International experts have been invited precisely to thoroughly discuss this aspect," noted Sergey Bodrunov in his interview to the TV channel.

In the authorial TV show of the Free Economic Society of Russia Dom E on OTR TV, the co-chairs of the MAEF Sergey Bodrunov and Alexander Sergeyev sum up the Forum.

Professor Sergey Bodrunov also spoke about the key takeaways of the MAEF, the prospects for economic development in Russia, and other things in his exclusive interview with Russia-24 TV.
The Rossiyskaya gazeta cited the Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Igor Artemyev, who at the international Moscow Academic Economic Forum stated that the digitalization of the economy has led to the emergence of new forms of market monopolization using robots: "Today, cartel agreements are made not in saunas, not in restaurants by business people, they are made by robots running malware. Robots operate unsupervised online and enter into horizontal agreements leading to higher prices," said Igor Artemyev.

TASS reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a greeting to the participants of the 1st MAEF. "The goal of this Forum, which has brought together at its venues leading scientists and experts, representatives of the government, business community, and NGOs, is to discuss a wide range of problems involved in the development of the Russian economy, strengthening Russia's research potential in order to address key nationwide challenges," quoted TASS the President's message published on the Kremlin's website.
Russian President Putin sent a greeting to the MAEF, in which he emphasized that "the discussions at the Forum are underlain by solid research, and this fundamental approach brings the academic community together around major goals and focuses its efforts on the implementation of the most promising programs capable of ensuring the country's leadership in technology," reported RIA News.

Scientific Russia Portal cited the Co-Chair of the IAEF, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev who noted that the modern economy of Russia is inextricably linked with socio-economic development, with the development of the human capital. "One critical issue that we need to discuss is how to employ the human capital. Unfortunately, Russia's domestic investment policy is anything but encouraging. We need to incorporate the human capital in the mechanism of development not only of science, but also of economics," said the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Scientific News Agency Poisk published a report on the first day of the Forum and a video interview with the MAEF Co-Chairs Sergey Bodrunov and Alexander Sergeyev.