MAEF-2023 dates announced
13 April 2023
The V Anniversary International Moscow Academic Economic Forum (MAEF) will be held on 7-8 June 2023.

Organizers: Free Economic Society of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences and International Union of Economists.

2023 MAEF theme: "Global Economic Development Trends: the Role and Place of Russia".

2023 MAEF regional venues will operate from 2 May 2023 to 2 June 2023.

2023 MAEF Co-Chairs: Gennady Krasnikov, RAS President, RAS Academician, and Sergey Bodrunov, President of the Free Economic Society of Russia (VEO of Russia), President of the International Union of Economists (IUE), RAS Corresponding Member.

Co-Chairs of the 2023 MAEF Program Committee: Abel Aganbegyan, RAS Academician; Aleksandr Dynkin, Vice President of the VEO of Russia, Vice President of the IUE, RAS Academician; Boris Porfiriev, Head of the Economics Section of the RAS Department of Social Sciences, RAS Academician.

Co-Chairs of the 2023 MAEF Organizing Committee: Margarita Ratnikova, Vice-President, Director of the VEO of Russia, Vice-President of the International Union of Economists; Vladimir Ivanov, Board Member of the VEO of Russia, RAS Deputy President, RAS Corresponding Member.

The Moscow Academic Economic Forum is an international permanent scientific and expert interactive platform, within which annual industry and thematic forums operate.

To participate in the V Moscow Academic Economic Forum (2023 MAEF), all participants need to pass an electronic registration for the event.

Registration of participants opens on 20 April 2023.

MAEF framework