MAEF-2021 regional venues open
May 17, 2021
On May 17, the regional venues of the 3rd International Moscow Academic Economic Forum (MAEF-2021) titled "The Global Transformation of Modern Society and the National Development Goals of Russia" opened to the Forum participants. This year, the Forum is held at 63 venues in 41 regions of the Russian Federation.

During the week from May 17 to May 25, 2021, round tables, scientific and practical conferences, youth sessions, and other events hosted by regional scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences, flagship universities, and other institutions managed by Russia's Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be held at the MAEF-2021's regional venues with the participation of regional organizations and branches of the VEO of Russia.

"Combining the efforts of scientists, experts, and industry professionals from different regions of Russia is the key to a meaningful discussion, generation of new ideas, and finding approaches to priority issues on the national agenda," says Sergei Bodrunov, MAEF Co-Chair, President of the VEO of Russia and the International Union of Economists.

"I sincerely wish the participants and organizers of the MAEF-2021's regional events constructive and fruitful work. Undoubtedly, such a broad expert discussion will allow to sketch effective ways to achieve national development goals in the regional perspective and will contribute to the development of a consolidated position of the scientific and expert community on social and economic policy," added the President of the VEO of Russia.

More information on the regional events of the MAEF-2021.