FAS Director Wished MAEF Success
May 30, 2019
Igor Artemyev, Director of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, whose speech at the MAEF plenary meeting was much discussed in the media and academia, thanked Sergey Bodrunov, President of the VEO of Russia and the International Union of Economists, for the opportunity and wished the Forum "to become a traditional event in the Russian capital."

At the Forum, Mr. Artemyev spoke about the dangers of digital cartels and about the project "Big Digital Cat," whose task is to track down "digital mice." "In the world facing Industry 4.0, antitrust laws fail to keep pace with the evolving digital realm, and businesses make use of new digital opportunities to carry out illegal activities," said Mr. Artemyev.

Igor Artemyev also mentioned at the Forum that cartels control up to 90% of the healthcare and construction markets and the damage caused by illegal cartel practices is estimated at 2% of GDP.

FAS director expressed hope for further successful growth of the Forum.

We are pleased to announce that in the near future the date of the 2nd international Moscow Academic Economic Forum will be announced.