Industry Experts, Business Community, Government Supported Key Proposals By MAEF
August 26, 2019
Further to the Moscow Academic Economic Forum, an official address by the Forum participants was signed.

The document was published online and sent to executive and legislative authorities and other stakeholders.

In particular, the Ministry of Economic, Regional Development, and Trade of the Chechen Republic and the Government of Penza Region reported that they fully support the proposals by the Forum participants, and the Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of St. Petersburg responded with a follow up report on the implementation of the MAEF's recommendations in St. Petersburg.

For example, the transition in St. Petersburg to innovative development and economic growth is planned to be carried out through the targeted development of its future-oriented industries, such as pharmaceuticals and radio-electronics, information technology, and mechanical engineering. The incomes of residents in need of social support will be boosted by the indexation of social benefits and an active employment policy. At the same time, St. Petersburg authorities intend to stimulate competition in the private sector by lowering administrative barriers and removing excessive regulation.

MAEF Organizing Committee keeps receiving responses to the final document of the Forum.

We are pleased to announce that in the near future the date of the 2nd international Moscow Academic Economic Forum will be announced.